The Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, future home of The Monument, have released our facility Reopening Guidelines. These guidelines include updates to staffing policies, sanitation, social distancing recommendations, ticket purchasing, cashless payments, food and beverage policies, guest experience, facility entry/exit and communication and messaging.   

We are committed to maintaining a safe and friendly environment for our ALL members of our community.  The practices identified below represent practical best efforts to proactively invest and keep our community, staff, tenants, lessee’s, fans and guests safe when attending functions and events at the facility.  

A.  Health screening and temperature checks for all part-time, full-time and contracted staff members prior to beginning any shifts.
B.  Mandatory face coverings, as necessitated by current guidelines and best practice policies.
C.  Protective gloves shall be required for removal of garbage and cleaning of facilities.
D.  Strict hand hygiene practices for staff who serve food and beverage and/or count money and handle cash.
E.  Ongoing training to educate staff on new standards and protocols, reinforcing continued focus on social distancing and best hygiene practices.

A.  Venue to be sanitized before guests arrive with extra care to high touch point areas.
B.  Additional custodial staff will be utilized for wiping down high touch points such as tables, chairs, restrooms, handrails, door handles, elevators, escalators, vending machines, push cart handles, etc.
C.  Added hand sanitizing stations both stationary and portable for public and staff use around the facility.
D.  Restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms will be sanitized with increased frequency.
E.  Equipment used by staff and guests will be sanitized prior to and after use (i.e. microphones, projectors, remotes, cameras, spotlights etc.)  Specific sanitation wipes will be provided for event organizers to sanitize between speakers.
F.  Electrostatic misting when necessary.

A.  There are no State or City requirements limiting the capacity of attendees at events.  However, events are strongly encouraged to follow CDC Guidelines and maintain 6ft of distance when possible.
     I.  Ticketed Events: Should a promoter desire a reduced capacity in order to adhere to CDC recommendations, we can implement pod seating or reduce the number of opens spaced throughout our venues.  POD Seating executes a safe seating environment, limiting crossover interaction between fans. POD seating can be available in select section groupings of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 seats. Guests would be required to purchase all tickets in a selected POD grouping.
    II.  Non Ticketed Events:  While each event is unique in its’ needs and event goals, organizers are encouraged to follow the guidelines recommended by the CDC. This may result in a change of space within the facility to a larger room(s) to allow for the additional space needed to meet those social distancing recommendations.

A.  Select ticket windows will be closed to ensure proper distancing between patrons with additional windows open, if necessary, at other box office locations within the facility.
B.  Stanchions and/or spacing markers will promote proper distancing between customers waiting in lines.
C.  As a general practice, electronic delivery of tickets (email or mobile delivery) will be encouraged at all points of sale.

A.  The facility will encourage guests to transition to cashless payments limiting the direct contact between employees and guests.  This will include all areas of food and beverage, ticketing and merchandise.

A.  The facility will continue to provide our guests with supreme taste, impressive quality service and pleasant dining experiences with an emphasis placed on showcasing single serve items that are prepackaged.
B.  All employees and third party vendors will be required to wear protective masks and gloves with shields located at all points of sale.
C.  Point of sale terminals adjusted to encourage social distancing with spacing markers to promote proper distancing between customers waiting in lines.
D.  Condiments and similar items will be served by employees using prepackaged servings as opposed to communal servings.
E.  Banquet buffets will be served by employees as opposed to self-serve.
F.  As a general practice, china, glass, and silver will be available only upon request of event organizer.

A. Concourse Flow
    I.  Stanchions and/or spacing markers will promote proper distancing between customers waiting in lines.
    II. Large scale events may see defined traffic flow (i.e. each side of the concourse designated as one-way-only) to keep proper social distancing.
    III. Doors will be propped open where possible to limit the number of touch points for our guests.
    IV. Communal water fountains will be shut off.
B. Restrooms
    I.  Restrooms, will be sanitized with increased frequency.
C. Event Entry/Exit
    I.  Doors to ticketed events may open up to 1.5 hours ahead of show time to help spread out arrivals.
    II. Guests will be asked to hold on to their own tickets for scanning to limit direct contact between employees and guests.
   III. Guests will be encouraged to not depart all at once to allow for social distancing.
D. Coat & Bag Check
    I.  This service will be suspended indefinitely.
E. Wheelchairs
    I.  We will no longer “check-out” wheelchairs to our guests, they will only be made available in the case of a medical emergency.
F. Lost and Found
    I.  Lost and found items will be separated between essential (i.e. phones, keys, wallets, tablets etc.) and non essential (i.e. jackets, clothing, shoes, etc.). 
    II. Essential items will be turned in directly to the front office at the conclusion of the event and/or night and can be claimed at that time.
    III. Non essential items will be collected and held for a minimum of 24 hours following the event before being washed, cataloged and dated in individual bags at which point they may be claimed.  All items will be stored for up to 14 days, after 14 days they will be discarded and/or donated to charity.
    IV. Water bottles (regardless of the brand) will no longer be collected as lost and found, and immediately discarded.

A.  As a general practice, multiple entrances into the facility will only be available for large scale events and on days where we have a large number of guests expected.  Otherwise entrance to the facility will be limited to the West side entry located nearest the Fine Arts Theatre off of Mt. Rushmore Rd. N.  
B.  Guests will be asked to refrain from entering the facility if they are not feeling well.
C.  All guests will be encouraged to wear facial masks.

A.  Posted signage in areas with high visibility to our community, staff, tenants, lessee’s, fans and guests.
B.  Frequent public address announcements to promote proper cleanliness, social distancing and similar health practices for our guests.
C.  The facility will create social media and e-blast awareness campaigns on best practices for those visiting the facility.