Fundraising Group Info

Say goodbye to car washes & bake sales!  We want to help you raise money for your Non-Profit Organization!

In 2022, non-profit groups have raised nearly $105,000, and as we get ready to start up a new event season we need you! Earning potential is up to you.  From January to August our top groups have earned $10,000 - $20,000.

Opportunities range from serving in concessions stands to helping guests find their seats.  Join the team of Fundraising Groups at The Monument. 

We support Youth Sports, Booster Clubs, EAFB Airmen Clubs, Churches, Civic Groups, and we want to support your group as well.

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Why should we consider fundraising at The Monument?

What better place to earn money for your group than at the entertainment mecca of the Black Hills? Our groups have fun working together, interacting with fans and meeting new people while earning lots of money! 

What types of groups are signing up?

Booster Clubs, Youth Sports Teams, Religious Organizations, Parent Groups, College Groups, Dance Teams, Bands, Arts & Academics Groups

What do you need to be eligible to fundraise at The Monument?

You have to have a 501-C designation and provide your W-9 forms as well. 

What are the groups required to do?

Groups are either designated a concession stand to run or serve as a fill in depending on what is needed for that specific event. Also available is assisting with bag check or metal detecting, scanning tickets, and/or parking for events. It is a great opportunity for team building and leadership!

How often do the groups have to work?

We have a variety of events throughout the year and your group might work a few dates or more! The more you work the more you earn for you group! 

What if we've never worked in an arena before for an event?

We have trainings to get all of our group's leaders certified in serving food, kitchen safety, alcohol management, scanning tickets, checking bags, and working with the public during a large event. Each event may be different but we are excited to have you and your group! 

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