Monumental Leaders Rally with President Trump

Monumental Leaders Rally with President Trump

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Know Before You Go

NO BAG POLICY IN EFFECT:  Secret Service WILL NOT allow ANY bags into the venue. 


Security measures taken by the Secret Service and SD GOP will be as follows:

The Secret Service will be using walk-thru metal detectors to screen ALL guests before entry.  NO WEAPONS will be allowed to enter.  Please note doors to the event will close at 5:30pm, any guests not in the venue at that time will not gain entry, this includes guests that may be seeking re-entry (already screened but left the venue for any reason). 

If you need to leave prior to that for any reason make sure you have you and/or your ticket marked prior to your exit and that you have your ticket (paper and/or mobile ticket) with you at all times so it can be shown again for re-entry to the security screening. 

YOU WILL have to be rescreened by Secret Service, so that may mean standing in line again. If you can avoid leaving we encourage you not to.

It is mandatory that no bags and/or unnecessary items are brought to the facility.

PROHIBITED ITEMS for this event are:

  • Bags of any kind
    • This includes: Large Purses, Backpacks of any kind, Camera Cases, Diaper Bags, Oversized Tote Bags, Clutches And Fanny Packs, Clear Bags.
  • Weapons of ANY kind including, but not limited to:
    • Knives of ANY kind​​​​​​ including multi-tools, swiss army knives etc
    • Firearms of ANY kind
      • Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) WILL NOT be honored at this event.
      • Concealed carry WILL NOT be allowed at this event.
  • Umbrellas
  • Selfie sticks
  • Video Cameras, Professional Cameras, IPads
  • Binocular Cases
  • Outside Food/Beverage and Empty Plastic Water Bottles
  • The Secret Service will have final determination on allowable items.  They may prohibit additional items not listed here.

There will be NO exceptions.


Please make sure to have your tickets downloaded (you do not need to download any kind of app to do so)  and placed in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay and ready to scan before entering the venue. If you are experiencing issues, please follow the instructions HERE or visit one  of our ticket offices located at Entrance E, Entrance A, or Entrance B. If you would like to request paper tickets please contact our box office, note there will be fees associated with the request.

If you have Paper Tickets please have them out and ready to scan upon entering the facility.


This is a General Admission Event with seating available in the Ice Arena Bowl (Sections A-S and 1-16) and Ice Arena Club.  If you prefer to be on the Floor there is a Standing Room only section available at the back of the floor that  tickets are valid for.  The seating on the floor is for those tickets that were distributed directly by the SD GOP only. 

    For those needing ADA Seating, it is located on the second level of the Ice Arena above sections G and H. Can be accessed through the elevator located in the Ice Arena. 
    • Please note ADA Seating is limited and is first come first serve, so guests are encouraged to arrive early.
    • Wheelchairs are also permitted in the standing room only section on the floor.


Ticket Office A by Entrance A will be open at 12:00pm and remain open until 6:00pm,  Ticket Office E located near Entrance E will open at 12:00pm and remain open until 6pm.  Will Call Tickets will be available at either ticket offices when they are open.  

If needing assistance prior to 12:00pm, Ticket Office B, located near entrance B on the West Side of the building will be available at 8am.


Most of our parking is located on the East Side of the complex.

  • Lots E1-E2 off of 5th Street/North Haines with additional Lots E4-E5 off of New York Street.
  • Lots A1-A2  located on the West Side of the Complex will be available for use during this event until 4:30pm or full whichever occurs first.
  • Central High School lots WILL NOT be available between 8:00am-3:30pm.


Located in Lots B1-B2, please have your digital parking pass downloaded and placed in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay and ready to scan before entering the lot.

  • If your vehicle is left over night it MUST BE MOVED by 9am Saturday morning. 
  • Marked ADA parking will still be available in that section with an ADA permit until those spots are full or 4:30pm, whichever occurs first.

Doors to the Event Open @ 2:30pm
Event to begin @ 5:00pm
Doors to the Ice Arena will Close @ 5:30pm.  No guests will be allowed into the venue after this time, this includes re-entry guests.

Governor Noem @ 7:00pm*
President Trump @ 7:15pm*

*Speaking Times are approximate and subject to change. 

Concessions will be available when doors open until approximately 6pm.



Paid for by the South Dakota Republican Party. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate campaign.

Contributions are subject to the limits and prohibitions of the Federal Election Campaign Act Contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. The maximum amount an individual may contribute is $10,000 (per year). Couples may contribute $20,000 (per year) from a joint checking account. Federal multi-candidate PACs may contribute $5,000 (per year) and Federal PACs without multi-candidate status may contribute $10,000 (per year). Contributions by corporations, foreign nationals (non-green card holders), labor uni





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